Treatment Goals

The ideal outcome of orthodontic treatment includes healthy teeth and gums, a functional occlusion (bite), an attractive, natural smile, and a pleasing overall facial appearance. Our treatment philosophy places great emphasis on efficiently achieving these results for all patients in a comfortable environment. We employ a unique, comprehensive, three-dimensional diagnostic system based upon the "Six Elements of Orofacial Harmony". These are specific treatment goals proven to maximize health, function, and appearance. Treatment is customized for each individual patient allowing us to consistently achieve the intended results. More about the Six Elements of Orofacial Harmony can be found by clicking the link below:


Element I - harmony of tooth positions within each jaw


Element II - harmony of anteroposterior jaw positions to the face


Element III - harmony of jaw widths


Element IV - harmony of jaw heights


Element V - harmony of chin prominence


Element VI - harmony of the occlusion