Parts of Braces

Parts of Braces

  • Bands Bands
  • Brackets Brackets
  • Archwires Archwires
  • Elastics Elastics
  • Hooks Hooks
  • Coil Spring Coil Spring

Bands are a ring of metal which fit around the molars and sometimes premolars. The bands are selected from a range of sizes in order to find the tightest-fitting band. The bands are sealed into position using dental cement that contains fluoride to prevent any decalcification during treatment.


Brackets hold the archwire against each tooth, and the archwire fits into a slot in the bracket. Brackets may be attached directly to each tooth or to a band.


The main wires, known as archwires, are shaped specifically to fit around the arch of the teeth. The archwire fits into a slot in each bracket. Teeth are moved by the pressure that is applied by the braces, and that pressure comes from the archwire, which guides tooth movement.


An elastic is the tiny rubber ring that ties the archwire into the bracket.


Hooks are small attachments on brackets that are used to attach rubber bands for added pressure.

Coil Spring

A coil spring fits over the archwire between two brackets. It pushes the two brackets apart, creating space between those two teeth.